Wednesday, May 12, 2010

List of Tatami Room Restaurants to Visit

Long Island
1. Kiraku Restaurant - Glenhead, NY -
2. Shiro of Japan - Carle Place, NY -
3. Tai Show East - Oakdale, NY -
4. Akari - Merrick, NY -
5. Bonsai - Port Washington, NY
6. Sapporo - Wantagh, NY
7. Shiki - Babylon Village, NY -
8. Kisso - New Hyde Park, NY -
9. Bonito Japanese Cuisine - Freeport, NY -

1. Kyoto Sushi - Flushing, NY -

The Search for the Best Tatami Room Restaurants

I just love the coziness of dining in a tatami room. Something about removing your shoes and dining without Western chairs is weirdly comfortable to me.

Living in Long Island has zapped me of that opportunity to sit in a nice tatami room. Well, at least I haven't yet dined in restaurants with tatami rooms in them. I've done some brief research (for a bridal shower--but I think I'll end up going to a winery out East) and found a couple of restaurants who do have those rooms.

Thus I'll build a bit of a database searching for the best tatami room restaurants, starting here in Long Island. I doubt I'll find extraordinary ones here but I'll try each one out and let you know what I've tried. If you find something not in my list, feel free to contribute. Click here for the list.

Each restaurant will have a brief review on the food and some standard 5 jou rating stats including:

Additional stats may appear as we go along. Stay tuned.